6-8 November 2013 | Vilnius, Lithuania
The largest ICT conference in Europe, ‘ICT2013: Create, Connect, Grow’, was held in Vilnius. The event had more visitors than any other event under the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. An estimated 5,000 representatives from the ICT sector participated, including EU officials, prominent ICT scientists, junior researchers and students. Forty-eight high-level speakers participated at the event and 200 innovative European projects were presented. Also taking place were more than 160 meetings to establish connections and over 3,000 face-to-face meetings. Awards presented at the event included the best ICT2013 exhibition participant, which was awarded to the MD-Peadigree project, which presented a digital storage and smart analysis solution model for Europe’s first paediatricians’ social network.
ICT2013 was dedicated to current and future representatives of the ICT sector, and participants of research and development and innovation programmes. European ICT policy issues were discussed, insights and future visions shared, and connections for co-operation in information and communications technology business, research, and innovation were sought. The reports covered broadband Internet, cybersecurity, nanomaterials, cloud computing, and human brain structure programming.

It was a unique networking opportunity for RTEL to build partnerships and projects targetting the new Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme for Horizon 2020.
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