5th Plenary meeting of NIS Platform
27 May 2015 | Brussels, Belgium
Network and Information Security Platform The public-private network and information security (NIS) Platform - NISP - was established in June 2013, as part of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy, and has already succeeded in delivering a first set of guidance on good cybersecurity practices.
The Platform counts over 200 organizations as its members. The membership has gathered for three Plenary meetings, and many more telephone conferences, over the year of its existence. The minutes and documents from Plenary meetings are available on the NIS Platform web-portal. This work is a good beginning in a process that aims to build trust and security over the long and diverse value chain linking together providers and users in the European digital marketplace.
The 5th Plenary meeting started with updated info about the work of the three WGs, and further discussions on specific topics.
The aim of the small group discussions is to complement the guidance developed at the last Plenary (November 2014): collect input on how to address verification and auditing of the organizational risk management requirements and how to assess the skills needed within organizations in order to be able to manage cybersecurity risks; explore how information sharing between private organizations interacts with data protection. Ieva Kupce from the Latvian Presidency will seek ideas on how a Responsible Disclosure Policy could work in the EU, building upon national initiatives (NL, LV etc).
RTEL participated in the discussions of WG1
Europa ESPA Infosoc
The company has been funded for its modernization from the Program "Digital Convergence".
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