17-20 October 2013 | Limassol, Cyprus
Core members from Cyprus, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Palestine, Greece and Spain have gathered for the 1st Annual Meeting of EUMED Members in Limassol, Cyprus from 17 to 20 October 2013.
Founded in May 2013, EUMED aims to become an active consortium at European and International level. Actually, currently has 129 members from 30 countries.
EUMED is not simply a connecting network but a virtual company, a consortium of professionals and experts, e-coordinated, e-communicating and e-operating to participate in projects, to work and benefit.
EUMED includes organizations from across Europe and Mediterranean partner countries, and brings experts from various fields (multidisciplinary approach) that have come together to combine efforts and share experiences on research topics focused on the mediterranean area, and to take full advantage of European funding programs and initiatives
The intensive meeting (in which participated RTEL SA) included presentations and discussions about the role of EUMED in addressing requirements and potential in the Mediterranean region, decisions, formulated plan of action and the signed “Limassol Declaration”.
Additional information about the consortium and meeting –will be available at the EUMED website (
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