EUro-MEDiterranean consortium (EUMED)
Euro-Mediterranean consortium (EUMED) is an initiative to bring together organizations and professionals from European and Mediterranean partner countries, to contribute effectively in implementing European policies through projects in the fields of economy, society and the environment.

The present economic situation calls for European organizations, professionals and experts to maximize their efforts improve collaboration and utilize effectively the EU.
Strategy for 2014-2020 and related programs, and contribute towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Mediterranean region, shared with EU Member States and the Mediterranean partner countries, is an important geographical area for the implementation of the EU strategy and offers unexplored potential for innovation, sustainable growth and employment.

The Europe 2020 strategy supports growth, competitiveness and job creation, by steering the transition towards a sustainable economy and EUMED aims to address the needs and potentials, and develop innovative ideas for coping with environmental, social and economic challenges of this 'vulnerable' area.

Vision of EUMED consortium
Establish a cooperation platform for the mobilization of public and private forces towards the development of innovative solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges of the Mediterranean area, targeting the sustainable development of this specific area by initiating, planning and developing projects and utilizing European and other funds.

in alignment with
The EU Strategy for 2014-2020 and related Programmes: which offer great opportunities to organizations and professionals from all over Europe to work collaborative towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the Mediterranean area.


  • Create a Euro-Mediterranean Community by establishing ‘bridges’ among a variety of private and public actors based on issues of mutual interest.
  • Support the creation of interdisciplinary, interregional and international communication, interaction and synergies among actors of EUMED community.
  • Develop new innovative ideas for dealing with ‘vulnerable’ environments, as the Mediterranean basin.
  • Initiate projects and explore funding opportunities, from EU or other sources, in support of cooperation towards desired ends.
  • Establish key thematic areas of interest with priorities in the Mediterranean.
  • Promote and strengthen intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding in the Mediterranean area.
  • Organize events to promote dialogue and cooperation on issues of common interest.
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