RT2002 - aimed at the design of “SMART Kid” platform that provides a technological solution to the issue “how a kid spends money in school”. In this project “smart cards” were used to monitor the culinary habits of the pupils giving parents the opportunity to check what their children opt to consume from the school canteens.

At the same time, RT2002 through its innovative web based interfaces enabled parents to control the list of the foods their children were allowed to eat every day, supporting them in following a dietary program that fits to each child’s nutritional needs.
For example, children suffering from diabetes were not allowed to buy chocolates or any beverage that contains sugar. Even if they tried to do so, the “smart card” was reminding the staff of the canteen that this child should opt for a sugarless soda or a fresh juice.
RT2002 was piloted in a Greek private primary school based on the Rhodes Island. After the piloting period, due to the very positive evaluations by the parents in combating childhood obesity and enhancing their children’s dietary habits and therefore their health, the school decided to continue using the system for the years to come.

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