W3DS (Web Decision and Sales Support System for Business and Consumers through an open GIS Platform), a solution that includes a decision support system and a sales support system.

W3DS incorporates two major components:
A web-based business decision support system providing access to:

  • A basic set of market analysis & performance indicators visualized on a spatial content
  • Information management tools through pre-defined queries
  • An open GIS platform to allow SMEs enter their own sales / customers data and visualize information on a spatial content.

A web-based sales support system accessible from home/office PCs and open public use info-kiosks to allow SMEs promote and sell their products and services both to B2C and B2B levels, through:

  • Product / brand specific search with results on a spatial content
  • Product order & purchase
  • Expression of product/service specific purchase interest

The project contributes to
The democratization of technology, as a low-cost, for the end user, IT tool that attempts to penetrate and provide meaningful answers to business sectors where such tools was formerly within the exclusive purview of large companies.
The creation of value chain network synergies among suppliers, retailers and consumers within a local community.
The dissemination of state of the art concepts & tools like business decision support systems, GIS and e-commerce to a large number of users within a local community.

Europa ESPA Infosoc
The company has been funded for its modernization from the Program "Digital Convergence".
With the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.