MISTER Maintenance is a web based interface that enables hotel managers to monitor the malfunctions and maintenance services of the property. With MISTER Maintenance each time the cleaning staff identifies malfunctions in a room, they can easily report it through a portable device e.g a tablet or a PC connected to the central server of the system. The hotel manager can afterwards assign the task of repairing a particular malfunction to the appropriate maintenance-staff e.g. to the electrician or to the plumber, depending on the type of the malfunction. As soon as the maintenance-staff fixes the malfunctions they can update the status of task to “closed” in order for the manager to get informed.

MISTER Maintenance also integrates daily/ weekly/ monthly e-mail reports that can be configured by the user of the system, providing statistical information either about the tasks (e.g. the most common malfunction for the last month) or about the staff (e.g. the person who fixed the most malfunctions or the one who delayed the most to perform his tasks). In this way, the hotel manager can have a clearer view on the property’s needs for maintenance services and the efforts of the staff each day/week/month allowing him to reorganize their workflow when needed.

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