MISTER MOVE is a system that counts the number of people that walk in a place at any time and how much time they spent in there. The system consists of wireless sensors and software and can be installed in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, recreation areas etc. People counting will help your company to easily evaluate staffing needs and performance, advertising policy and sales, etc.

Please read the following usage scenarios and see how we can improve your business.

  1. How many people walk in your shop this morning?
    Has the number of customers been increased this month?
  2. Is your advertising policy bringing more people in the shop?
    Has the number of customers been increased? Are more customers walk in your shop, when there is advertising?
  3. Are your sales increasing or decreasing year after year?
    The number of customers decreased (or increased) or is the same but the sales are lower (or higher)?
  4. Do you manage a restaurant?
    Do you want to know how much time your customers stay in the restaurant?
  5. Do you have an external company that they perform maintenance tasks occasionally?
    Do you want to know when is the right time to do it?
  6. There are 70 people walking in your shop every day. Do they come throughout the day evenly or most of them come between 10-11 in the morning?
    Do you need more staff during this time of the day? Do you need staff to work only 2-3 hours during the day?
  7. Are you a bar owner?
    Do you want to know how many people are in your shop any time during the day?
  8. Sales didn’t bring you the expecting income.
    Has the number of customers increased or you sell more items per walking customer?

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