MISTER LOCATE is a wireless system for the detection of the geographical location of several vehicles.

The system is suitable for enterprises that own cars, busses, taxis etc allowing the company managers to check the vehicles’ routes for various purposes. The system gathers information and evaluates each car driver separately for optimal operation of vehicles and personnel.

Some of the characteristics of the MISTER Locate software are:

  1. Where are vehicles anytime
  2. Do you want to know when is the next service of any car you have in your business
    How many miles have made each vehicle separately for the day?
  3. Display the route on a map with selectable date appearance kilometers.
  4. Reminder (service, insurance premiums, etc.) via e-mail.
  5. Daily Reports via e-mail (kilometers, attitudes).
  6. In case of theft the vehicle can be traced through the system.
  7. Distribution of work depending on the location of the vehicle for immediate service.
  8. You want to know how long the worker is your employee on the job assigned to him.
  9. You see that your employee has spent more time than the expected to a particular job. Want to know when he is the right now to send someone else to help him?
  10. Is your company a courier company? If so, you will be able to monitor in real time the positions and movements of your vehicles at any time.
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